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About Ground Screws Ireland


Ground Screws are hammered out of steel and hot dip galvanized. Just like a wood screw is put into wood to withstand big loads, the ground screw is put into soil as a foundation for various kinds of constructions. Foundations with ground screws are stable for decades, but environmentally friendly and removable if necessary.

Benefits include:

  • Cost and time saving

  • No digging, no concreting

  • Structurally tested repeatedly

  • Proven high pressures, pulling-out force and lateral pressure loads

  • Utmost stability and durability

  • Instantly loadable, no waiting period

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • No soil sealing

  • Surroundings not impacted

  • Easy deconstruction allows instant relocation


The ground screws are low impact on the environment, do not disrupt the landscape, and are easily removable and reusable.

Krinner Ground Screws are available with variable ground screw heads and adapters in different designs and sizes.

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